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Let's take a moment to appreciate this girl's ....gown

Yeah let's appreciat the 'gown';

Or what would you guys rather appreciate? *winks*
DATE: Sat. 16th May. 2015 2:02pm     BY: oladipo ibukun

NaijaCampuses.com Rewards (SEASON 1)

This programme is in 3 categories, and someone from EACH of the categories will get #5,000 price by 22/5/2015.

CATEGORY 1: Upload a video (preferably home-made, or recorded with your phone camera) to any 'section' on NaijaCampuses.COM
or upload it to Youtube, and share it on NaijaCampuses.com.

NOTE: The video MUST be original (either recorded by you, or you featured in it).
E.G: Video of you singing/ rapping / freestyle-ing, or you dancing/twerking, ...just something interesting

The most 'li...
DATE: Sun. 3rd May. 2015 4:46pm     BY: oladipo ibukun