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NaijaCampuses.com Rewards! And the Winners are...

Sequel to the just concluded NaijaCampuses.com Rewards programme (Season 1)

Incase you forgot, people that created topics in jokes, stories and videos with highest "likes and at least 12 likes" before friday 22 May 2015 are promised to get 5,000 Naira each.

Are you excited to know the winners? Oya let's have a look together at http://naijacampuses.com/threads?o=likes


Can you see that; Conversation between Akpors and a 419 Racks up a total of 16 Likes.
And the Winner is: Oluwaiye Ola...
DATE: Fri. 22nd May. 2015 11:47am     BY: oladipo ibukun