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Jen ja e si (MP_LALA ft. Dresan) - Download music

Seriously, you will feel the vibes of this thrilling beat, dropped by MP LALA.
This one is titled "Jen ja e si"
Listen and enjoy the music
DATE: Tue. 14th Jun. 2016 12:23pm     BY: oladipo ibukun

LAUTECH SUG Has Been Suspended By The School Authority

A statement on the school's official facebook page reads:


At an emergency meeting of the Expanded Management Committee held on Monday, June 6, 2016, a decision was taken to the effect that all Student Union activities be suspended with immediate effect and until further notice. Management has also set up an investigation panel to examine all aspects of the 2016 Student Union election in all its ramifications.

All studen...
DATE: Mon. 6th Jun. 2016 3:43pm     BY: oladipo ibukun

My Heavenly Father - by OGO's Son (Download and Listen)

Are you ready for this one?
It's going to lift your Spirit, Soul and body into the very presence of our Heavenly Father (The God almighty himself).
DATE: Fri. 13th May. 2016 3:41pm     BY: oladipo ibukun

Download and listen to FOREVER (by Kosbee Davids)

Thumbs up Kosbee; This Is Just BRILLIANT!

Guys, you've just go to listen to this one; it's just *mmwhah*!
but careful though, cos the music is just gonna burst your head. :)

Produced by Brainiac
DATE: Tue. 4th Aug. 2015 12:38pm     BY: oladipo ibukun

NaijaCampuses.com Rewards! And the Winners are...

Sequel to the just concluded NaijaCampuses.com Rewards programme (Season 1)

Incase you forgot, people that created topics in jokes, stories and videos with highest "likes and at least 12 likes" before friday 22 May 2015 are promised to get 5,000 Naira each.

Are you excited to know the winners? Oya let's have a look together at http://naijacampuses.com/threads?o=likes


Can you see that; Conversation between Akpors and a 419 Racks up a total of 16 Likes.
And the Winner is: Oluwaiye Ola...
DATE: Fri. 22nd May. 2015 11:47am     BY: oladipo ibukun

Let's take a moment to appreciate this girl's ....gown

Yeah let's appreciat the 'gown';

Or what would you guys rather appreciate? *winks*
DATE: Sat. 16th May. 2015 2:02pm     BY: oladipo ibukun

NaijaCampuses.com Rewards (SEASON 1)

This programme is in 3 categories, and someone from EACH of the categories will get #5,000 price by 22/5/2015.

CATEGORY 1: Upload a video (preferably home-made, or recorded with your phone camera) to any 'section' on NaijaCampuses.COM
or upload it to Youtube, and share it on NaijaCampuses.com.

NOTE: The video MUST be original (either recorded by you, or you featured in it).
E.G: Video of you singing/ rapping / freestyle-ing, or you dancing/twerking, ...just something interesting

The most 'li...
DATE: Sun. 3rd May. 2015 4:46pm     BY: oladipo ibukun

Scientists Discover New Frog Species That Coughs And Groans

Scientists have discovered a new frog species in southern New Jersey, United States that can make some “un-froglike sounds.” AP reports:
The Atlantic Coast leopard frog groans and makes coughing noises rather than croaking sounds. The unfamiliar call attracted the notice of wildlife experts several years ago in Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge in Morris County.

They photographed the frog and concluded it wasn’t the northern leopard frog or southern leopard frog.

The Courier-Post of C...
DATE: Mon. 27th Apr. 2015 12:16pm     BY: oladipo ibukun

Hidden Fact About Hiv,people With Special gene To Defend Against The Virus

Some people have a gene defect in the co-receptor for HIV and live a completely normal life. This gene defect is probably most common among people living in Northern Europe.
“Just like the Norwegian army manages perfectly well even though a little handgun goes missing, the body manages without the CCR5 receptor,” explains Kvale.
Paradoxically, the defective gene does not make you ill, but prevents you from contracting HIV.
Since the CCR5 gene is non-functional, the HIV virus cannot bind itse...
DATE: Thu. 23rd Apr. 2015 9:43am     BY: oladipo ibukun

Farming Business Tips That Will Speed Up Your Rate Of Success

I am motivated to write this article because of numerous calls i do receive on a daily basis from agropreneurs on problems,challenges they faced in this dynamic nature of agricbusiness.

To share from my own knowledge,mistakes and years of experience; to me is unquantifiable in monetary terms which i will be doling out on this thread to my numerous readers.

This is to also help both starters and experienced agro-preneurs on this thread to learn from my own mistakes,experience and then be able t...
DATE: Thu. 23rd Apr. 2015 9:39am     BY: oladipo ibukun