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This words may save someone's life

So much in luv wit dis I tink u may luv it I jst read it but I tink I can't kip it 2 mysef .
Here, take a luk!

1. If u ar SINGLE nd kip on saying
rememba. ur mates ar gettin married evry Saturday.
Let me ask u, ar dey marryin spirits?
Wise up!

2. If u ar MARRIED nd kip sayin
OK! Is it nt married pipoo lyk u dat ar celebratn Gold, Silver nd even Platinum jubilee?

3. If u kip on rantin,
Pls, go 2 town...
DATE: Thu. 7th May. 2015 9:04am     BY: oladipo ibukun

Law of Attraction!

When I was a kid I observed that whoever was ill got more attention than everyone else in our home.
You could demand to eat whatever you like and get relieved of house chores like dish washing and running errands.
One day I decided to act sick. I lied that I had a headache and forged other symptoms of malaria.
To my surprise, I started feeling those symptoms for real. When it got worse, my parents took me to the clinic.
I was tested and confirmed to have malaria. Though I hated injections, ...
DATE: Fri. 24th Apr. 2015 2:36pm     BY: oladipo ibukun

Ways To Turn Your Ideas Into Reality

John intends to start a business, Ada wants to write a book and Bayo is good at music and wants to become a professional musician. They have many ideas running through their minds about these things they want to do. John has a lot of business ideas, Ada has ideas of different plot lines for her book and Bayo has a lot of good tunes in mind. But they all have a common problem - how will they bring these ideas to reality?
Ideas are great but unless something is done with them, they remain worthles...
DATE: Tue. 21st Apr. 2015 8:45am     BY: oladipo ibukun

annoying roomate

How do I deal with an. Annoying,silly roomate who feels that everything she does is right,
DATE: Thu. 16th Apr. 2015 10:17am     BY: maureen martins