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When they used weed, instead of thyme for jollof rice

this is what happens..
DATE: Wed. 13th May. 2015 10:27am     BY: oladipo ibukun

Give dis Guy a Name???

'Patiently' fetching into the basket.
DATE: Tue. 12th May. 2015 3:03pm     BY: oladipo ibukun

This can only happen in Naija

LOL! If the fuel would not come to the generator, the generator would go to the fuel.
One of the many reasons why I love being a Nigerian, no situation is beyond us..
DATE: Wed. 6th May. 2015 4:54pm     BY: oladipo ibukun

Akpors just asked some questions

People, please help me understand these situations:
• U dey carry ur girlfriend go club; after u marry her finish u wan stop her frm goin to club. My broda u think say miracle fit happen?
• Ur girlfriend dump u for rich man u say she b gold digger, bt ur sister do d same to anoda perso u giv testimony for Church
say, na grace of God. Bros park well!!
• Your babe get F9 parallel for WAEC, she still dey ask for Brazilian Hair of #150,000 . Abeg where she wan fix am?,
on top that coconut head...
DATE: Mon. 4th May. 2015 4:44pm     BY: oluwaiye dayo

Conversation between Akpors and a 419

Conversations between Akpors and 419 Read and enjoy.
419: helo
Akpors: hello who is this?
419: it’s your friend from London.
Akpors: which of my friends from London because I have many friend from London?
419: just guess…
Akpors: is it Chinedu?
419: yes yes this is Chinedu, how is Lagos?
Akpors: Nigeria is fine o…, you just forgot us since, why?
419: yea I was trying to make some dollars, so that I can send to you and you can also send to me.
Akpors: hmmm, Chinedu, I don’t know what is h...
DATE: Mon. 4th May. 2015 8:24am     BY: oluwaiye dayo

Some dumbest tattoos

feel these pics
DATE: Thu. 30th Apr. 2015 3:43pm     BY: oladipo ibukun

Felicia Needs a man

Felicia @age 18: what kind of a man would you like to marry??
Answer: I will like to marry, an handsome, tall. fair rich man, who cares about my feelings.

Felicia @age 22: what kind of a man would you marry.
Answe: A tall, good looking and moderately rich man.

Felicia @ 30 what kind of a man would you marry?
Answer: ehn, not so tall, not so handsome and just a middle class.

Felicia @ 42 what kind of a man would you marry
Answer: Abeg. leave me!!! Man na Man grin grin
DATE: Thu. 30th Apr. 2015 3:39pm     BY: oladipo ibukun

19 Funny Things That Happen In A Taxi.

So, this guy just came was giving heaven and earth reasons why he wouldn't go and sit at the back seat.
I was like, hah, before 7AM meet me here and the crowd come be like Mile 2 market for Lagos.

Only to see who dey front seat: one pretty, chocolate and a bit mature Secondary School girl... haha, no wonder!

She too understand, she close up!

That led me to put up this article:


1. The guy sitting in the front seat (in a cold or normal day) expecting an...
DATE: Mon. 27th Apr. 2015 12:18pm     BY: oladipo ibukun

26 Things That Happen When You Grow Up In An African house

As you may or may not be able to tell, I am on a mission to educate America about Africa – all 54 countries – and what is to be African. Okay, so I’m kidding about knowing everything about all 54 countries and I cannot speak for all Africans as it turns out. Still, I love making sweeping generalizations in my free time so why not do it about an identity I at least identify with? I have always found it interesting that no matter where they actually grow up, African children, at least of my ...
DATE: Fri. 24th Apr. 2015 1:29pm     BY: oladipo ibukun

Some Nigerian Proverbs – In PIDGIN

1. When thief thief thief thief thing, e don red be that. Wahala dey o.

2. Year wey get January dey get December o.

3. No matter how snake long reach, e no fit wrap imself around palm tree from bottom to the top.

4. If needle fall inside river, dem no go fit see am pick again o.

5. Na fly wey no get Special Adviser dey follow dead body enter grave (no wonder we have so many Special Advisers in Government)

6. Do to other people wetin you want other people to do to you.

7. No matter how okro...
DATE: Fri. 24th Apr. 2015 1:24pm     BY: oladipo ibukun