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DATE: Tue. 21st Apr. 2015 2:19pm     BY: oladipo ibukun

7 Errors That Are Still Taught In Nigerian Schools Today

It may sound a little bit misleading, because this problem is not only limited to Nigerian schools.
It’s a worldwide phenomenon occasioned by teachers, lecturers and instructors who make no effort to update themselves and add to what they already know.
These lies – at least some of them – were facts at some point in time, but things have since moved
on. Truths become lies as new discoveries are being made.

Here are 16 lies that are still dished out the world over even as you read this:

DATE: Mon. 20th Apr. 2015 1:44pm     BY: oladipo ibukun

7 Types Of People You Meet In An Exam Hall

1) The First Finishers: They are always the first to finish; maybe it's to show they are brillant or who knows they might have seen Orijo(expo)

2) The Dependents: This category of people are the type who come to the exam hall empty headed.

3)The Holy Ones: You are friends before exam start but once you start exam you become temporary enemies. Dem no sabi you again.

4)The Giraffes: They tend to have long necks and sharp sight. Always looking for who to spy

5)The Selfish Ones: These set of peo...
DATE: Mon. 20th Apr. 2015 1:11pm     BY: oladipo ibukun