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This Annoying Thing About Nigerian Comedians

I just watched a hilarious edition of EL R8D on ebony life TV courtesy of EmmaohmyGod and Chigurl. There's this bitter after taste in my mouth because I realized that their sense of humour will most likely die a mysterious death when they become A-list stars. Why are our comedians like this?

I attended a wedding where Bovi was the MC. This was before he became popular. My goodness! We almost died of laughter! He presented us oven fresh jokes in the most unique manner. In fact, he was just something else. He soon became popular and even though he's still funny, (in fact, he's the only A-list star comedian that is still funny, and maybe AY) I have not enjoyed him the way I enjoyed before he became famous.

I have attended weddings/events with AY and basket mouth as MCs and I don't remember laughing even once. Maybe a smile here and there but no full blown laughter. AY is only funny in his shows, outside that, he's just there. But you won't believe it's the same guys that nearly cracked you to death during their hustling days. Even Julius Agwu is nothing to write home about at events. All they do now is charge outrageous fees just to show us their designer suits. Huh? Smh.

American comedians like Kevin Hart, Arsenio Hall, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Robin Williams (RIP) still make us laugh hysterically. So why are our stars forming like this? Could it be the psychological effect of too must hustling? Whatever, someone should tell these guys that this really not a good way of going international.
DATE: Tue. 21st Apr. 2015 1:53pm
BY: oladipo ibukun

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