So you like sharing on! Cool; now check these out about posting a topic:

  1. You can break what you type into newline like this

    and it will have effect just like you do it in SMS.
  2. You can make your post [b]bold[/b] or [i]italised[/i] by simply wrapping it around the neccessary tag as described.
  3. To post a link, you only need to make sure the http:// is behind your url in your post e.g
  4. To hyperlink any text, e.g meet me on facebook , you can do that by simply entering something like [url=] meet me on facebook [/url]
  5. For an image, simply use "irl" instead.
    E.g [irl=] NaijaCampuses Logo[/irl] will display as
  6. To post a youtube video or similar videos that could loadup inside iframe, use something like this [vrl=https: //]this is a comment[/vrl]
  7. You can link your profile to your Facebook from your profile page here in just 3 clicks
  8. You have access to free SMS everyday you enter this website, if you check' target=_blank>
  9. It is ideal to post whatever you want to post into the APPROPRIATE section to prevent it from being deleted or considerd a spam.
  10. You can simply click on Share or Tweet icons after creating new topic to share it on facebook and/or twitter.