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New Miss Penalty

Lionel Messi has just been crowned as the current Miss Penalty. YAY or NAY
DATE: Tue. 28th Jun. 2016 9:18am     BY: oladipo ibukun


It is really great and wholesome to experience great and fascinating natural attractions in Africa which draws people all over the world prior to magnificent waterfalls, unique wildlife, mountainous landscapes and a host of others.
In Nigeria, there are a number of tourist sites which continue to attract tourists all year round. In Lagos State, you have the Whispering Palms and the La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort. In Enugu State, there is the Lake Nike Holiday Resort and in Cross Rivers state...
DATE: Wed. 15th Jun. 2016 8:44pm     BY: ADEBAYO NATHANIEL

Heart Break

We have been hearing of a particular thing that appears to rain hall part these days what is this things that shatters one's life? What is the thing that seems good to one and bad to the other? What exactly is this that sometimes helps and hurts? Thing appears to fall apart when it comes on. We are arriving at a thing that rail it a time make a lady that feels she is good enough to think of suicide. Well it's a thing that goes all about; it flies in the atmosphere without wings. It’s a predato...
DATE: Wed. 15th Jun. 2016 8:38pm     BY: ADEBAYO NATHANIEL

What's the first thing you'll download?

If you're to choose between true love, and unlimited download!

For me, i'll download true love.
DATE: Mon. 15th Jun. 2015 9:37am     BY: oladipo ibukun

Women's Logic

Women's logic will totally confuse you
DATE: Thu. 4th Jun. 2015 3:20pm     BY: oladipo ibukun

See me see trouble o

Imagine this dumb bro..
DATE: Tue. 2nd Jun. 2015 3:57pm     BY: oladipo ibukun

Hmm! This is touchin.

Hilarious. lol!
DATE: Thu. 28th May. 2015 2:25pm     BY: oladipo ibukun

What's this guy even thinking?

I guess this guy literally wanted someone to watch his back.
Maybe he asked someone to have his back before and they didn’t do a good job.
Can’t help but wonder if this is an exact replica of what he looks like.
The funniest part isn’t that there’s a face on the back of his head… it’s the pieces of hair that help define the face.
There are eyebrows with a mustache and beard. #EyesInTheBackOfHisHead
...this guy is so crazy lol!
DATE: Fri. 22nd May. 2015 11:55am     BY: oladipo ibukun


It is Only in Indian Movies that an
Armed robber will sing inside a bank before he robs the
DATE: Tue. 19th May. 2015 7:08pm     BY: ojo tosin christopher

Can't just imagine a student wrote this!!!!

LOL... Imagine a student given a test and here his what he wrote.
DATE: Tue. 19th May. 2015 3:32pm     BY: oluwaiye dayo