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10 Types Of Confused Ladies

Note- This write-up contains blunders and wrong use of words but that's out of my chest.
No be corporate communications i dey do wink

10 Types Of Confused Ladies

It takes a miracle if a lady is not guilty of at least one of the listed points

Where Do You Belong ?

1. The ones who have been dying silently and have been patiently waiting for the opportunity for you to talk to strike up a convo, only for you to strike up a convo and ask them out and they will decline your request so as to prove to you that they are not cheap and when you are drifting away, they will start running after you so that you can ask them out once more and they will tell you YES immediately

2. The ones who bleach and after having multi colours and black knuckles, only for them to start blaming it on their friends who prescribed a wrong cream to them

3. The ones who will ask you "what do you think you are doing" even though they know deep down that they will end up giving in

4. The ones who will forsake you for a rich dude, only for them to start chasing you when the guy becomes poor and everything becomes good for you, saying it was the work of the devil

5. The ones who will outrightly tell you they don't do long distance relationship because they are in Lagos and you are in Aba, but they start giving you close marking when they are in Lagos and you are in London, saying "it's love that matters"

6. These are the ones who will tell you they don't like secks and that they are only doing it for the sake of love, only for them to call you a lazy man if you can't satisfy them

7. The ones who will screen men with no mercy.. They screen men like Gulder Ultimate Search and Maltina Dance Hall audition, only for them to start attending prayer programmes and weekly services in church when they seem not to get a better dude and they don't want to settle for less because much has been expected of them from friend and families

8. The ones who have pursued their future partner out of ignorance and class, only for them to join the church choir, ushering unit when age is not on their side anymore

9. The ones who neglect a short kindhearted dude thereby running after a tall handsome dude with 6 packs, only for the guy to dump them and they start raining curses, saying all men are the same

10. The ones who will tell you they don't give out their number to strangers, only for them to be overwhelmed by regret why they didn't give it out at once

Feel free to add yours
DATE: Thu. 23rd Apr. 2015 9:47am
BY: oladipo ibukun

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