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13 Categories Of People You Meet In A Hair-Dressing Salon

A Lady Took Her Time To Describe The Different Types of People You'll See In A Salon

I have been making my hair for years, here are some people I have met in the hair-dressing salon...you have probably met them too...hehe.

Nursing/Lactating Mother: This is the client who has recently had a baby, and decides to bring the little one along. Other clients may be seen playing with the baby while the mother washes her hair___ sometimes she comes with a help. Due to her condition, people may end up giving up their turn(s) for her to be attended to.

Bride to Be: This set are very insatiable....well, I don't blame them. everyone wanna look like a barbie that day (wedding day). They would keep showing the stylist pics of Kim-K and how they want their hair to be very similar to that. You may see her with her crew (Chief bridesmaid/bridesmaids)

Miss Natural: You will find her rocking her low-cut or dreadlocks. She would give you a full-on hair lesson on how she revived her receding hairline and how you can do that too. She is very confident of her natural hair.

The Handsome Dude That stops By: Some babez can intimidate someone sha. This guy might come around to give his girlfriend who is hungry __ meatpie/icecream or probably to pick her up, after she has made her hair.
Make no mistakes, he comes with a car and pays the bills (sometimes)...lol.

The Business Woman: Her aim in the salon is to familiarise and market her products__ usually ladies frequently used/purchased items e.g earrings/tops/weaves/powder etc.

Little Diva: She comes in with her "Caprisome"...she needs it to stay quiet. Accompanied by her mum/elder sister/house help...to make her back to school hair, preferably "shuku and base" .

The enthusiastic Graduate/Undergraduate: I wonder if they didn't believe they would go to school...lol.
They are always like "in my school, ehn"..."when I was in school ehn...". Their talk is school related,each trying to speak well/otherwise of her school.

The Assistant: She/He is in charge of washing/relaxing hair. Always friendlier than the other stylist...no-one really wants him/her to maker her hair. they don't trust her styling skills (I wonder how she go grow...).

The Pro-stylist: This stylist runs the shop, @ a point he/she might not make any random hair, but that of regular/VIP customers. She has done hair for Omotola and Genevieve...name them.

VIP customer: Once she parks her jeep, the stylist might even leave you to go get a bag, usually a middle-aged lady. She exudes this aura, tells them to put that movie she was watching the last time she came...lol

Impatient Customer: She is always in a hurry, making it look like every other customer there is jobless. She would wanna jump the queue, usually a regular customer, the stylist has a way of attending to her and another customer simultaneously.

Amanpour(s): She knows everything/everybody. She is a gossip, she would even ask questions aimed @knowing you better... I don't like this lady.

The Focused customer: This is me, I don't like to meddle in petty salon gossips.
She comes in to the salon, makes her hair and leaves...#noTime
DATE: Tue. 21st Apr. 2015 9:02am
BY: oladipo ibukun

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