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Heart Break

We have been hearing of a particular thing that appears to rain hall part these days what is this things that shatters one's life? What is the thing that seems good to one and bad to the other? What exactly is this that sometimes helps and hurts? Thing appears to fall apart when it comes on. We are arriving at a thing that rail it a time make a lady that feels she is good enough to think of suicide. Well it's a thing that goes all about; it flies in the atmosphere without wings. It’s a predator that silently crawls into the life of its prey without hands and legs
Aren’t you puzzled of what this thing might be? Don't be surprised when we say "HEART BREAK". As the name implies, feeling of overwhelming grief and disappointment. I will purposely like to see into “EMOTIONAL HEART BREAK ". This can arise from the male counterpart or the female. In which some suggested causes might be –
? Covetousness of a partner
? Selfishness of a partner
? Lackadaisical Attitude of a partner
? Total lack of Self discipline
? In Submissiveness of a Partner
? Absence of a Forgiving spirits
In Nigeria today as a common thing that has reverberated and has been unable to be eradicated, we find out that most times both part is to be blamed but the chief launcher of the act is the male. They are really tormenting ladies giving them aches disrupting and destabilising their activities from time to times. In fact the suggested cure to some ladies is “Suicide ". Guys, why are you insatiable; can't you just sum up your mind and give her total joy.
Why can’t you just be contented with that damsel and teach her what she's ignorant of and what she needs to know. Instead of flirting with crutches brain assholes that won't even profit you but rather drains you? Anyway it takes two to quarrel, not all times should guy be blamed. Sometimes it also been noted that nowadays ninety percent of ladies out there are wolves in sheep's clothing, they too sometimes appears as originators of down fall and heart breaks. They cry out every now and then that they are not respected by guy but yet you do not even respect yourselves. So appealing is your state of life when you think so low and just do anything regardless of how you started never cut over nose to spite your face.
To cut the story short here are some quick and reasonable measures to maintain and balance an unstable relationship. I'll want the ladies to realize that they have more roles to play and responsibility to take in a relationship.
? First and foremost put God first in any relationship and Seek for Gods guide.
? Make submissiveness your watch word. Be submissive to your man. Make him feel on top but with senses and not cheaply.
? Take away covetousness totally. Be contented with what you have. Stop putting yourself in another ladies shoe because we are fortunate in life than one another and even maybe her source of wealth is the destructive type.
? Forget living a promiscuous life at all cost. Act it right that temptation shall surely come in fact, attractive ones but make your own all you need i.e. your one in all.
? Stop all form of lackadaisical attitude. Show him you care in a reasonable manner. Feel concerned about his doings. Try a very large extent to build your emotional life to his satisfactory. Stop been selfish and self-centred, Know his do’s and don'ts and live basically on it in your emotional life. I believe with this few a relationship can be as smooth as never through of coz guy are also human not animals. It is worthy of note to ladies that guys are naturally polygamous in nature. It’s now left is the main girl to know her stand.
And to all ladies out there that are experiencing heart-break due to one reason or the other, please stand up back on your feet because it’s not the end of your life. God might be taking you to higher grounds indirectly. He might not be the right person for you. Do not be weighed down or psychologically derailed. I want you to get this as your slogan to knock him or her off your life completely; "No matter what, life goes on"
Wish you all the best in your emotional life.

Tijani Abiola T.

DATE: Wed. 15th Jun. 2016 8:38pm

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